Calming Lil Furiosa

I could hear her shuffling in the back packing our things. She was furious. I had promised her that we would take pics around the resort before we check out. Instead, i left her at the breakfast table to go snorkelling for two hours on the last day of our trip. So, it was going to be a little tricky getting Lil Furiosa to calm down this time.A lame apology with a feeble smile would never work, but i had to start somewhere. Maybe, i could justify my position. Yes, let's use logic to calm down Mount Furiousa.I had been out in the sea for 4 hours, with hardly any breakfast.I am placing order from room service. I am very hungry. Do you want something?”I dialed room service. As i speak, i am wondering if she's listening to me.I would like something that can be prepared quickly....mhmm mhmm mhmmm...  chicken sandwich sounds goodyou want something to drink?Yeah, can i get a "sex on the beach", cause, you know, i won't be getting any tonight.I could feel Lil Boo blush so loudly. And a moment later, a throw pillow made contact with the back of my head. Her way of telling that she was ready to end the hostilities.