What fans say!

  • They are the
    first comics my husband
    & I bonded over. They make
    our dull LDR days bright, and
    the bright ones cozy. If we have
    a lover's spat, we rest easy as our
    patch up is just a Boo-comic away.
    Sandra Nair

  • I love them
    so much, and their
    work holds such a special
    place in my life. It makes me
    smile, makes me emotional,
    and often makes me
    laugh hysterically!
    Jenny Jaikaran

  • The little things in
    everyday life are shown
    with so much positivity to
    make us realize that love is in
    the smaller details rather
    than grand gestures.
    Kurian Thomas

  • Although coming from a
    completely different cultural
    background, my wife and I can
    recognize ourselves in these comics.
    We are all united by the universal
    language of love.
    Dr. Andre Marx

  • Their
    comics always
    bring smile on a gloomy
    day. They always find ways
    to surprise us & their work is
    so unique and original.
    Harshita Mahajan

  • I get so happy
    everytime I see their
    drawings, they remind me so
    much of my boyfriend and me! And
    they restore my faith in humanity,
    knowing there are other cute
    loving boos out there!
    Susanne Jenssen

  • These adorable
    comics bring a smile to my
    face every time I see them. The
    uncanny resemblance to my own
    relationship is heartwarming and
    reminds me that we human
    beings are all so similar!
    Ulrich Beinert

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